About Us

BRANDT iHammer was founded in 2004 after evaluating the benefits of using unique C7 sugar molecules, methylglucosides, on Turf, Ornamentals, and Agricultural Crops. We are dedicated to optimizing photosynthesis; thus helping plants turn carbon into plant growth, the efficient use of nutrients, less water usage, being environmental stewards, and reducing our carbon footprint.
Our Story
iHammer is founded on core values.

The history of BRANDT iHammer is based on the prime directive that our technologies work every time. At the very core of iHammer is its robust science, discoveries of the first order by Arthur and Andy that led to advanced elucidations of how carbon dioxide is moved into sugars by plants. Andy’s expertise with plants spanned sixty-five years; and, in fact, the process is named after him—The Benson-Calvin Cycle! The genius of iHammer has always been in its translation of these fundamental advances into the field right away by working across disciplines with another founder with expertise, Mike McBride. Their dedicated work together has led to a history of tried and true products, wholly developed by iHammer and backed by world-class authority. At the heart of our company is quality. We insist on incorporating only the highest quality materials into each and every product. Our history of quality control at every step insures that everytime and everywhere you apply our innovations, you can always rely on unleashing the power of iHammer.

Why iHammer is Better

iHammer's products are true innovations in science. They were hammered out of laboratory and field investigations where we first asked the question, "Now that we live with 7 billion human beings, how can we apply our modern day knowledge to advance the grower." The first thing we noticed when we were farming was that nobody had ever found a working solution to the midday wilt of entire crops. Growth stops when a plant wilts and, in 1990, Dr. Nonomura discovered a foliar solution that eliminated midday wilt across his fields; and, in collaboration with the late Professor Emeritus Andrew A. Benson, they showed that other treatments worked as they further elucidated the path of carbon in photosynthesis* to identify more advanced compounds on which iHammer's products are based.

Because these products are based on answering questions that hadn't been asked before, there is nothing like them in the world; nor, is there any other company that can do what we do. These newly elucidated paths of carbon metabolism in plants generate further inquiries about what more can be done for agriculture and, by following these new paths, we can develop products that growers never knew they needed. For example, the alkylglycosides in our formulations move into cells by a mechanism of "transmembrane transport." As a result, uptake of iHammer's products happens in minutes, advancing the entire field of foliar fertilizers. In the near future, we will be telling you of other solutions that iHammer is putting in the hands of growers.
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